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Tēnā koutou katoa

This is all about New Zealand - Aotearoa - and the time I spent there. Magical times, beautiful scenery, gushing geysers, thermal wonderlands. Hear about Waitangi Day, discover the meaning of the word "Aotearoa", see the Glaciers, read about hangis and Hakas, and visit the beautiful Bay of Islands. So come with me on a journey - a journey to The Land of The Long White Cloud.
Kia ora


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3. Auckland - Planes, Buses & Beds

Tuesday 2 January

Flying Air New Zealand
Well, my adventure begins and I'm off to Auckland. The plane left on time and the seats were very comfortable. We had tea, coffee and biscuits - all free, none of this having to pay for stuff. I bought a bottle of New Zealand wine (well, I had to try some of the local stuff) and quite nice it was too. A bottle of Gisborne white.

Just before the Captain said those words all passengers like to hear, "Please fasten your seat belts ready for landing", two young children, a girl and a boy came down the aisle with large cane baskets filled with boiled sweets and gave some to each of us. This, I found out, was a remnant of the old days of flying (most airlines these days have long since dropped this nicety). Sucking on a lolly helps with the air pressure from building up in the ear drums. Wasn't this nice? I thought it a lovely idea.

Anyway, we landed, collected luggage - have you ever noticed that it's always your luggage that seems to appear last? Caught the shuttle bus for the ride into town, arriving at the YHA at 7.00pm. The silly driver overshot the mark by a few streets and there was I, suitcase in tow lugging that thing up the hill. One good thing came of this though - I now pack a lot lighter. Which is good.:-)

Auckland International YHA

The YHA was lovely and clean and best of all - it had a lift. There is no outdoor area being right in the city so those of us who smoke just sat on the step outside. I bought a bottle of NZ red wine for $20 which wasn't a bad price. But in all honesty, if you're a red wine drinker like me and you like your reds full bodied don't buy New Zealand reds - stick to white. They don't make good reds, they're too light. After staying up I finally went to bed at 2am.

Lounge/Dining Area

This is the dining area - to the rear is a well-equipped kitchen and in the front (which you can't see here) is the lounge area.

The Kitchen - stainless at its best!

This was a really good kitchen to work in - all new appliances, stainless steel benches and stovetops, plenty of pots and pans and boiling water on tap. Plus there are plenty of windows along the wall making it bright, cheerful and airy.

The Dorms

Yes, another hostel, another dorm. The beds are comfortable and clean - what more could anyone ask for? Well do I remember my first ever time in a hostel and staying in a dorm. those days have long gone and I love staying in dorms and not only becaus of the price either. If like me, you travel alone, then it's wonderful to meet and mix with other travellers and share stories etc, with them.

Below: Auckland YHA Click on blue marker for photo.

View Auckland International YHA in a larger map

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