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Tēnā koutou katoa

This is all about New Zealand - Aotearoa - and the time I spent there. Magical times, beautiful scenery, gushing geysers, thermal wonderlands. Hear about Waitangi Day, discover the meaning of the word "Aotearoa", see the Glaciers, read about hangis and Hakas, and visit the beautiful Bay of Islands. So come with me on a journey - a journey to The Land of The Long White Cloud.
Kia ora


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28. Rotorua - Wai-O-Tapu

Tuesday 9 January

Rainbow Crater

Well over a dozen craters are located within close proximity. They range from 5-50 metres in diameter and up to 20 metres deep. All were formed by the ground surface collapsing. It is believed under this area subterranean waterways have eroded away rock structure alowing the surface ground to collapse away forming craters. Many craters have various types of geothermal activity such as boiling pools, steam fumeroles, sulphur vents and mud pools. The pumice ground is this area is coloured by various oxides.

Purple - Magnanese Oxide,
Red/Brown - Ferrous Oxide
Yellow - Sulphur.

Inferno Crater

The crater has a bottom of violently boiling mud. In recent history an earth archway linking the sides has been completely destroyed by the action of acidic steam.

Champagne Pool

The pool fills a 900 year old crater which is roughly 60 metres across and 60 metres deep. The waters are tinted green with arsenic, sulphur and iron compounds. It bubbles with carbon dioxide at about 74º C and deposits orange antimony and traces of gold, silver and mercury on its rim and the huge sinter terraces that drain it.

Champagne Pool

Orange Antimony-rich deposits. The Champagne Pool is the most colourful and most popular.

Champagne Pool

Mineral deposits give the Champagne Pool at Wai-O-tapu Thermal Wonderland near Rotorua its edges the beautiful colours and unique formations

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