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Tēnā koutou katoa

This is all about New Zealand - Aotearoa - and the time I spent there. Magical times, beautiful scenery, gushing geysers, thermal wonderlands. Hear about Waitangi Day, discover the meaning of the word "Aotearoa", see the Glaciers, read about hangis and Hakas, and visit the beautiful Bay of Islands. So come with me on a journey - a journey to The Land of The Long White Cloud.
Kia ora


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36. Wellington - City Walk

Thursday 11 January

After a lazy morning spent reading, I walked down Wakefield Street and bought a pegless clothesline from the Camping Store for $9.80 and found some lovely Christmas wrapping paper and postcards from Whitcoulls - made in England and only $3.00!

Wellington is becoming known as a centre for works of contemporary public art. Much of this reputation is based on the many sculptures commissioned from leading artists by the Wellington Sculpture Trust.

The Trust, active since 1984, raises funds and selects a wide variety of art for particular sites. It has the full support of the Wellington City Council which makes the sites available, assists with funding and assumes ownership after completion.

John Plimmer Statue

A man and his dog - John Plimmer (1812 – 1905) came from Shropshire on the ship Gertrude in 1841 & is called the Father of Wellington He was a member of the Wellington Provincial Council 1856-1857 the first Wellington Town Board 1863 & was on the Wellington City Council 1870-1871

His principal public service was the organisation of the Wellington & Manawatu Railway Company between 1880 & 1886

This bronze statue was created by Tom Tischler Ross Wilson Judy Alexander & Peter Kundycki in 1996 and is at the Plimmer Steps.

Bank of New Zealand

The Old Bank Building is one of Wellington's most famous landmarks - 2001 marked the hundred-year anniversary of this magnificent building - a testament as much to the architecture of John Turnbull & the original builders as it is to the incredible restoration work that has seen the Old Bank return to its former glory

A trip to the Old Bank is not just a retail thrill - it's a chance to experience a world of history and style that transcends the ages

It now houses the most exquisite fashion & beauty designs


Created by Phil Price and located on the corner of Hunter Street and Lambton Quay, this interesting sculpture is one of several called Protoplasm.

Cable Car Lane

The Cable Car sculpture was created by Hugh Nicholson and Bob Sharpe in 2002, and is made of steel. It is located at Cable Car Lane.

Invisible City

Invisible City by Anton Parons was presented to the city with assistance from the Jack and Emma Griffin Charitable Trust and the Wellington City Council.

The stainless steel of this sculpture seems to glow with an inner light. The magnified Braille text suggests a message, but the artist chooses to deny us access, raising issues of communication in the contemporary world, and the difficult interface between the disabled and the rest of the community.

It was installed 2003.

Walk To The Water

This sculpture made of steel was created by Jerry Luhman and Bob Sharpe in 2000 and is at the corner of Grey Street & Lambton Quay.

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